Wargame 1942
In the turmoil of the Second World War, you play as a ruler of a small base. It 's up to you to prove yourself on the ground of this gruesome war and expand your power. You will need a robust military and the backing from an alliance with like-minded people as yourself. Even in the strongest alliance, it may result in you acquiring new enemies that were not intend to be made.

In the strategy game Wargame 1942, you are transported back in to one of the darkest chapters in human history. In the scene of the Second World War the line between friend and foe is very narrow. It's up to you to expand your base and power. There are many ways that you can accomplish it.

The economic side can be expanded with the construction of various buildings. In the free browser game it is needed along with the extraction of resources. For example: construct gold mines to expand the amount of gold or invest your money in the construction of the oil rigs to raise your oil reserves. Your face value will also play a crucial role. It's needed in this MMO exclusively for the exploration and construction of new units and buildings. Therefore the construction these facilities like the residential and multi-family houses will bring you revenue that goes directly into your wallet. Multiply your money budget by depositing in the bank and take advantage of the high interests.

But don't forget that your enemies know exactly where you are located and at any time can attack and force you to your knees. In Wargame 1942, concentrate on the set up of a strong defense to defend your terrain. Recruit and build units for land, air and water, in order to launch surprise attacks and secure your position on the map. Send your soldiers, tanks, planes and warships out to crush your opponents.

Wargame 1942 comes from the developers of the successful browser game Desert Operations and provides you with a high long-term motivation and plenty of opportunities to win the war.