Tribal Wars
In the glorious medieval era, you are the head of an entire empire. Make wise decisions, act like a seasoned ruler and show as a commander in the exciting battles your true strengths.

Many free to play games come and go, but not all of them can survive for years. This iconic strategy game Tribal Wars from the portfolio of InnoGames has accomplished this. Since 2003, the free online game has charmed it's players by opening new worlds on the regular and making the dark chapter of the Middle Ages enjoyable as never done before.

As with other similar games, you have to work to get to the top. As the leader of a small village, the path to total power is a hard and bumpy road. Therefore work continuously on your country. Collect and build in Tribal Wars. Gather regularly resources such as wood, clay, iron and keep them in your local storage. This gives you the opportunity using the obtained resources to construct buildings. Each of the different resources has it's requirements before you can construct anything or expand and make them more efficient.

Construct for example a farm and supply your workers and military troops with food. Equally important are the barracks and stables used to recruit and train the infantry and horsemen. Protect your village with a wall to face the enemy units. You need to build a lot of buildings and expand them all.

Of course you do not enter Tribal Wars with help. Sooner or later you will face conflict with the other villages and settlements. For this you will need in this free to play browser game, a strong army that can take on your opponents. Concentrate on providing good food and churches to give among your units a high morale. Train your mighty Swordsmen, Archers and the Cavalry to boost your influence which can be very useful.