Shakes and Fidget
Meet and get to know the exception from the other side of the middle ages. Full of fantasy creatures, strange characters and a good sense of humor. Somehow everything as you know it, is so familiar and yet so very different. Acquire your fame by making the necessary decisions and gaining new skills in a game world that you will never take too seriously.

Originally intended as a parody to the internationally successful Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft, it was developed from the comic series Shakes and Fidget which over the years has ran with a special charm. Using the same name, the free online role-playing game has the brand that has been known for a long time by home PC's. You can play it right in your browser and without having to download it.

Once you have decided in Shakes and Fidget which of the three classes to choose. Warrior, Wizard or Explorer, head right in and support your people. You will also have the choice of being a human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Goblin and much more. All the races have different values in strength, skillfulness, intelligence, endurance and luck. Have you made your choice yet, then go directly into the local tavern.

There you can expect a variety of customers from the missions, where in Shakes and Fidget earn experience, silver thaler or other important items to be able to be successful in the combat. A visit to the local weapons or magic shops is recommended. Swords, battle clubs, potions or amulets as an example that will increase your strength, endurance or intelligence. In Shakes and Fidget there will be much to do.

Work as a city guard and collect coins, step into the arena against other players or try your luck at the shell game around the corner. The funny free to play browser game does not cost anything to play and tops all the rest thanks to it's numerous and humorous quests that will motivate you for a long time.