Take on the challenge of a true pirate from the seven seas, battle fierce enemy battleships and fight huge monsters that are only trying to ruin you. Play an adventure that will have you all washed up.

In Seafight, you have a great opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the legendary pirates such as Blackbeard or Störtebeker. Here you can show the other pirates what you have up your sleeves. Climb up on your pirate ship, prepare your guns and travel on the untrusted high seas. In the free to play browser game from Bigpoint, you can fight against other real players and participate in exciting clashes against sea monsters and other fantasy creatures.

You can consider what to take from this isometric bird's eye view. Nevertheless, you 'll see yourself in uncompromising situations that you will have to feel your way through. The battles of this online game run at real time. You will hardly have time to rest.

Therefore make sure each round you are in you use the right pirate ship and have enough weaponry to go into battle against the other pirates. The cannons and cannon balls in Seafight should be carefully selected to ultimately decide the outcome of which party will be taken out. All this you can set up in the shipyard. You must of course regularly repair damaged ships, so you can have the best possible conditions at sea.

Also worth noting is that everything is set up in a simple-damage-model in the game. Depending on what cannon you use in the online game and where in the vessel have your cannons struck and hit. The damage effect strengths will be very different. This makes the action-packed online game complete and sets it on a decent tactical level. For this reason there are no game like Seafight that can match it.