Rising Cities
Do you want to be the head of an entire metropolis and not let it distract you from armed conflicts? Then prove you are the best immediately, because in a large city the clock is ticking differently than anywhere else in the world. Dominate with your economic management skills. Make a small spot on the map a blooming metropolis at lightning speed. Border your home with countless number of residents and attractive destinations for the tourists that are arriving in the dozens. It's up to you and your decisions that will keep this city alive.

New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo... the list of the largest and most influential cities in the world could all be made much bigger. In the browser game Rising Cities, you as a player have the option to develop your own metropolis from the ground up and make it gorgeous.

All you need to bring with you is the essential instinct for strategy and never ending fruits of management. In Rising Cities you do not only pay for your city, but also the needs of the residents. Living rooms and other facilities must be provided and kept to satisfy not only the already presently living resident population. You must also motivate new residents to settle in with you. None of the population wants to solely live in a concrete jungle that is economically good. An attractive offer, but not everything you should offer to the population.

Also in the largest metropolis of the free economic simulation game, you can also quickly get into knee-deep debt. So that such a thing will not happen, a good running economy and civilian interest is needed. Are you ready? Then Rising Cities is the right game for you and the online game is free with no download needed. You can get started right away and play directly in your browser.