For many decades,the desire for the colonization of other planets has been firmly rooted in the minds of mankind. In reality, this will take some time to reach this point. You can at least do it now virtually and also build a galactic empire whose reputation will spread throughout the entire universe. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

OGame is not just any newcomer to the F2P-scene. Quite contrary, the free to play browser MMO has long been one of the veterans in the industry for over ten years and shows how successful the model free-to play can become. Similar also to the other space browser games, you can also do the same in Ogame. With the help of armada fleets, you can show your strengths as an interstellar Commander and also economically be one of the largest in space.

Once you are in, it will be a long and bumpy road. For the countless other players as well, they will also follow exactly the same goals. The events will be occurring in real time and can mean either a blessing or a curse. Conditionally in OGame the game play continues even after you have log out. Both you and your enemies can have much needed resources robbed. Resources that have been accumulated by mining for example, will be distributed among the nine planets once you have populated them. Therefore, always keep in mind that you have to protect your empire from invaders and looters.

Interesting: You can in the course of this science fiction adventure evolve into a more militant or peaceful diplomatic position. Either way it is recommended in OGame to enter into an alliance of allied players. Only together with the other players, you have a chance to survive in the depths of space. Simply play and even more for free!