Nova Raider
Once more, you are put in the infinite universe and as a venue there are merciless battles and a whole abundance of adventures. Demanded from you is full concentration and the use of all of your abilities. In addition to the abundance of action, you will have to take on demanding tasks and the rewards will be worth it.

A playable browser MMORPG? And it's free to play? On the online game Nova Raider awaits the dreams that all the science fiction fans have been waiting for and without any large client to download. You will want to get started immediately and without any hesitations. You will control one of the many free playable spaceships through several populated galaxies containing nasty enemies and other players.

Here in Nova Raider, you create various types of ships based on the course of your cosmic adventure. Are you more of an armed hunter, a reliable supporter or an all-round balanced player? Even as a dealer, you will be able to cruise through space. The defense for this class is better and helps you to store plenty of resources to bargain for your own interstellar empire. In total there are five different types that are available to choice from and which you can specialize yourself in. What you do and how you do it will be entirely up to you.

Make use of the different types of vessels in Nova Raider to primarily interact with the other players. Together in a galactic guild, you can make a real name for yourself in space. Especially when you use the special strengths of the individual vessels and put them all to good use in the battles. If you like you can also in this free-to -play online game act alone and show other the other players in PvP, who swings the bigger hammer. The universe is waiting for you to explore.