My Fantastic Park
Life as an amusement park director is very stressful, colorful and last but not least above all exciting. There is always something constantly to do on the premises, so that the visitors come in large crowds and really feel at home.

Of course in My Fantastic Park, you have to offer a great variety of attractions so they can enjoy themselves thoroughly. Therefore choose this free to play browser game for it many cute animated rides such as the Carousel, Bumper Cars, Haunted House, Petting Zoo and Funny Mirrors. Set them in a suitable place right in your large park area .

Furthermore in the free to play My Fantastic Park, your task will be to create paths and decorate everything with flowers and plants so that your visitors will find the place comfortable and keep their spirits high.

But that is far from everything you can expect in this free online game. A real amusement park needs of course Souvenir Shops, Cotton Candy Stands, Snacks and Cafes. The physical well-being of your visitors is a high priority. Only full stomachs will be happy. Who do you think will be called when a ride needs to be repaired, garbage is all over the paths or to the confectionery stands are empty? You of course! Once you have mastered all your tasks, it will result with your guests having a beaming smile on their faces as a reward. This of course will only last until the next day. Then you will have new faces and old challenges once again.

As a special bonus in My Fantastic Park, there is also an interesting collectible card system. What this means is that you can exchange your cards with other players. You will quickly see this better in the online game itself.