Immerse yourself in a world full of wonderful magic that will cast a spell on you immediately. A world in which everything seems possible. Where you can learn to cast powerful spells in no time and raise your own dragon to grow fantastic flowers. If something here is not possible, then it is really not possible.

Do you love magic and garden games? Then here's the perfect game for you! In the free to play browser game Miramagia, you will experience a blend of garden simulation and fantasy role-playing elements.

It 's your choice whether you want to play the online game as a Druid, Shaman, Magician or a Sorcerer. All classes are of course will have a female counterpart as well and now let go do some magic garden work. In your village, you will share it with other players that are randomly set together. There you will have lots to do.

Grow magical plants and care for them with the spells that you have learned at the Academy of Magic. Sell your magic products at the marketplace of Miramagia or serve the customers who come and visit. In The Free to Play Online Game, decorate your village, acquire magic items for your magical work and raise a sweet baby dragon that will later grow into a mighty dragon.

Complete exciting quests to make sure that your village is transformed into a beautiful place. Miramagia also has great feature for those who may not be able to take care of their magic garden. For these purposes there is a holiday mode which freezes the game for a certain period and allows you not to constantly worry about your magical garden.

You can simply play Miramagia directly in your browser, without having to download any client.