Khan Wars
Become the ruler of an entire medieval kingdom. Establish your position at the top of the whole world and show off your strategic skills. Put them to the test in the consistent and smooth challenging battles. Take your place now on the throne and guide your kingdom to gain total power on the world map. Are you the ruler that all the people desire?

The free to play browser game Khan Wars sets you as a ruler of your people in the magnificent Middle Ages. Using a good strategy in the game will ensure that your land will always progress and bring you on your way to a glorious future. This will require many wise decisions that you will have to make throughout the game. It will all depend solely on all your actions.

In Khan Wars, you are responsible both the economy and the military. Construct in the browser game new buildings such as the barracks for your troops, a blacksmith to equip them with a strong armor and efficient blades or stables to train your riders.

Produce precious commodities such as gold or iron that will not only help you to feed your people, but to be able to go on the trade with the other players from around the world. These actions will bring you further much-needed capital. In addition, you have to invest your riches in the competition for the exploration of new technologies, equipment and training of a new and improved army. Not losing connection with the competition at hand.

Khan Wars offers you a variety of options to interact with other players. Create in the free strategy game alliances and conquer the enemy strongholds together with all of your friends . Subdue the inferior rulers and become the most powerful leader of the Middle Ages.