In ancient Greece, you begin your path as a potential successor to well-known figures such as Alexander the Great, Leonidas or Perseus. You will also want to be known one day as a real hero. A person that is loved by his followers and feared by his enemies. But to make it to this point, you need to face many challenges that exist and can choke your dreams of fame. There is failure waiting for you at every corner. Do you have what it takes to become the next hero of ancient Greece?

The browser game Grepolis places you directly in the glorious era of ancient Greece. There you are a leader of a small settlement with limited abilities. Of course you want to expand your sphere of influence and make it grow. Thus you will need a flourishing economy first. Construct in the free to play online game with the help of your silver coins and resources such as wood and stone. Construct valuable farms, a port and a silver mine. Later on construct a marketplace in the game where you can trade your unneeded resources with other players and gain silver.

Also take into consideration the cultural value of your Polis with the construction of certain buildings. In the free to play browser game Grepolis, construct a library or a theater where your residents can organize great dramas to put your people in a good mood. You should also protect yourself with military structures. Recruit new troops and mythical units in the barracks, secure your Polis by constructing a city wall for the enemy attacks or instruct your spies to explore the enemy terrain in the caves.

Both on land and water, you can in the strategy game defend against the enemy threats. You can use both regular units such as swordsmen, archers or different types of ships. There are legendary creatures like the Hydra, Cyclops or Medusa. In addition, you can receive from the different gods such as Zeus, Poseidon and Athena different bonuses.

Grepolis combines historical elements with mythology and especially made for the players with a passion for ancient Greece and a lot of fun.