What counts will be on the field and of course also off the field. Seize now this unique opportunity to prove yourself as a manager and coach of your own football team. Grab the opportunities by the hand. It will be great for you to come out with your team and compete with the best. Start in a minor league and later celebrate your promotion one right after the another. This is only a fraction of what awaits at your position. Do you accept this challenge?

In the free football manager goalunited, you pull the strings in the background which helps your team to be successful. You don't play directly with the team during these exciting matches, instead you take care of tactics and lineups that will make a victory possible. Make all the important decisions for your club and participate in all the important milestones to stay in the league. Your team will not only play in league games, but must also compete with other teams. In the scheduled weekly friendly matches and trophy games.

Ultimately numbers will count, which in football also includes the hard numbers .What is meant is not exclusively the position and the number of points your association has in the tables, but as a manager and mastermind in goalunited you will also take care of many other areas. Manage the transfer of players, find wealthy sponsors and have a watchful eye on your stadium. This must of course be tailored to meet the growing demands of your fans and maintain it. Sooner or later you will come to the point to which an expansion is unavoidable. Invest and prove yourself as a prudent football manager.

In goalunited at the beginning you will not have all the features available right away. Certain items such as a bigger loan or the promotion of young football players will gradually come into play. A download is not necessary. The free to play football manager can be played right in your browser.