Spells and magic are no longer just stuff from child's dreams. Now experience an enchanting game world for all ages. Let yourself be captivated by the charming atmosphere, with wonderful magical plants and all sorts of fantastic creatures that are far beyond your imagination. Are you ready for a trip that will enchant you?

Well hidden behind the enchanted forest, lies FantasyRama. Home to magical nature and mystical creatures. Everything can be so wonderful, but something very crucial is missing from this heavenly place. The plants and animals in the free to play browser game yearn for a loving person who will care for them and their breeding. All the beings in the land of elves and fairies are extremely delicate and vulnerable.

So take this garden game to the heart and come to FantasyRama to help this unique brightly colored online game world with your loving and care. Bring the dazzling splendor to the magical gardens back , because without you they will be lost and soon fall victim to the nasty thorns. As thanks for your help you have the chance to encounter unique creatures such as spring geckos, poison dart frogs and lucky dragons.

Take care of the magical plants and trees such as elderberries, storm oaks and lime trees stars. Plant magic mushrooms, mosses and fragrance angel bells in your garden and watch them grow. Solve in the free to play online game FantasyRama exciting quests that you can do together with other players and have a daily look into the fantastic wishing well, which gives you little gifts for your magic online garden produce!

To play FantasyRama, requires no downloads. After a short registration you can play directly in your browser.