Family Farm
Here you have a real adventure experience and not necessarily in a life-threatening situation. You do not encounter countless numbers of opponents or monsters in haunted houses.

No, not here on this farm. Do you feel up to the challenge? Then get your pitchfork out of the shed, drive your tractor out of the garage and clean all of your machines. The adventures are waiting for you ...

In the browser game Family Farm, you get the opportunity to manage your own farm, set it up the way you want it and to indulge in the quiet country life. But nothing is for free. The maintenance of your farm is not financed by itself. Therefore, you will have some tasks that you will have to fulfill.

Plant, fertilizing the land, watering your fields and using your agricultural tools to gain rewards that you can proud of after your harvest. There are also other products that will be manufactured in Family Farm, for example: you can buy a cheese maker and use a couple of bottles of milk from the barn and produce delicious homemade cheeses or process wheat in the mill into flour. You can also grow clovers and make your farm more beautiful.

The fields will produce everything that later can give you the literal feeling of a hard worker who has earned his cash. The money you earn can be used and put back into the farm for the production of new products. Piece by piece you can increase the profitability of your farm and ensure that the humans and animals have a place to live.

You can keep decorating in Family Farm until you have all the decorative items to satisfy your taste. Carriages, statues and ornamental gardens. Your creativity really will have no limits.

The active community of the game is happy to welcome every farmer that has been newly added to the country life. In addition there are some features to be discovered in this browser game that will motivate you to pull together with all the other farmers to reach the same goals.