Desert Operations
Take your spot as the head of your nation and make important decisions both economically and strategically. Become the ruler of large part of the world map, research new technologies for modern warfare and invest large sums of money to increase further your interest in spreading your sphere of influence. It's time to prove yourself, with or against thousands of players on the battlefield. Can you make it to the very top?

The internationally successful browser game Desert Operations, gives you all you need right in your hands. Which you would expect in any typical strategy game. The game is exceptional in that it does not put you in the middle ages, the ancient world or a fantasy scenario. But in the middle of a fictional conflict scenario from today.

You strive as a ruler of a country in search of political and economic power. But you are far from the only one who wants to secure a place in the spot light. Countless of other players have the same goals. Join together and create an alliance with them or simply just attack them for your territorial rights. Desert Operations works just the way you want it.

Construct in the free strategy game, important buildings such as the arms-factory, barracks or ammunition factories. Use them to construct units and produce ammunition. You will also have to keep an eye on the economy of your nation. Construct residential and skyscraper buildings to gain income in cash money and set the cash in the bank to take advantage of high interest rates.

Also in this MMO, you produce resources for your home country. With oil, diesel and kerosene provide for your military equipment and units to use them on the battlefield. You can also put them up on the trade. In Desert Operations command your units by land, air and water and not allow your enemies to gain any ground.

The free to play browser game has already been awarded the " MMO of the Year" twice in a row and provides long lasting fun for all strategy fans.