DC Universe Online
Jump right into the shoes of your personal favorite virtual superhero or villain. Focus on either upholding the law and order or ultimate chaos. You can also do it completely different and create your own character. You either become the protective hand over the game world or let it fall into the abyss. What will you do?

Ever since Marvel and DC Comics have been around, many people have the secret desire to become a superhero themselves. In short: to fight with supernatural powers for the good guys. In the famous and especially free MMORPG DC Universe Online, you can of course do this and much more. You can fight for the evil side and control the universe. At the beginning you do not have to choose a side and can also have the individual creation of your very own superhero.

With this you can influence the destiny of the world and exercise your mighty super powers to your advantage by manipulating game objects like cars or garbage cans. If you prefer playing in celebrity outfits, you can compete in the DC Universe Online alternatively in the special PvP matches against the other players.

So you can in DC Universe Online for example play as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern or as villains like the Joker, Lex Luthor and Sinestro. You can show everyone how it's done and naturally this is all done in challenging real- time battles, depending on the disposition. As with other fantasy role-playing games you have guilds and form leagues together with the active players to support each other in the fight to reach your goals. The application uses the Unreal Engine 3, which guarantees the free-to -play online game a great comic-look.