Anno Online
Sit back and get ready to be sent on a long trip back in time. As the ruler of an island in the deep middle ages, you have to ensure that you set up a healthy economy with the trade with other players. Play together with your people and ensure them a bright future. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

PC-gamers should be familiar with the game play of Anno, with Anno online you have the successful development strategy series right in your browser. Anno Online uses essentially the game play mechanics of Anno 1404. It is set as a MMO, but also with features that will give you a full view. In the free to play browser game, you play along side of thousands of other players, trade and alsoconfront them to take them right off their feet.

You start in Anno Online, on your own little island as the leader of a small settlement. The goal here is to build a fully functioning city and continue to boost the economy. Initially you will only have a farm available and will gradually more and more build your city into a thriving metropolis with buildings such as warehouses, a treasury and a market place.

In Anno Online what is also very important is the needs of your subjects and cannot be ignored. Needed to achieve your goals. Because only a satisfied population will work effectively and will also attract new residents that will settle with you. Also important in the strategy game are the warnings that are displayed when there are problems. Ultimately, you can construct your own ships to reach new horizons and search for scarce resources and goods.

Anno Online can like all free games be played via your browser and no download of a client necessary. After a short registration you can play immediately .