Andromeda 5
As a daring space pilot, you fight in this free to play online game for your survival. The universe is not only an infinite place, but has just as many dangers in store for you. Are you the unknown threat that can come at any time?

In the distant future, you travel in Andromeda 5 with your spaceship through space . This might not be the only dangerous part of it all. Other ships may see you as a threat and automatically open fire on your ships. You will have no other choice and will also need to prepare to fight. Therefore you will not only be collecting in this 3D browser game experience, but also new parts to strengthen your spaceships.

Equip them with fresh shields, weapons and other important values. So that you have a chance to prove yourself in the battle. However, each spacecraft can reach it's limit. For such cases, you should pay the interstellar shop a visit and buy a new ship which you can attach new items to make it stronger.

To be able to make an invest, you have to make a name for yourself in space first. This can be accomplished in Andromeda 5 primarily by accepting and completing various quests and challenges. These encounters and wanderings through space guarantee not only your ship rewards, but also important rewards for your pilots. You can improve the performance of your tasks, the experience and your skills . The constant struggle for survival is of course of great importance. This online game can selectively be played as " All vs All " or be played as in teams and team up with the other players to create giant fleets.

Andromeda 5 allows you to choose whether you play it in your browser or download it. If you play it as a browser game , then you will only need to install the Unity Web Player.