Have you always dreamed of your own kingdom in the Middle Ages? Ever want to become a powerful military leader and ruler of a whole empire? Then here's your chance to secure yourself a place in one of the most interesting chapters of human history.

In the free to play browser game 1100AD, your trip begins in the past as a quite insignificant leader of a small settlement that has not made a name for itself on the map. Some say good things happen to those who wait, but here success is not just given away. You have to work hard for it .

In the beginning you first need to extract your resources. Such as iron, stone and wood. These are all used in the strategy of the game. At the beginning and during the game as the basis for the establishment of the military buildings such as the Barracks, Factories, Stables, Taverns and Shipyards. So as you successfully reach new levels, you will also become more effective.

Also added to the online game are special artifact-building in the form of Churches and Cathedrals , which in possession will give you special bonuses. In 1100AD there is a lot to discover, but beware of the terrain which you are placed on is highly competitive and your opponents do not sleep. Therefore always keep an eye on your defenses so your kingdom shall be strong and remain safeguarded in case of an emergency .

Of course you have the choice to attack another kingdom with your troops and take over new territories. Concentrate on the construction of the Stables and Blacksmiths to give a good upgrades to your troops. Choose a strong hero for your army that will motivate and strengthen you in conflict .

To become successful in 1100AD , you will need the help of like-minded players as yourself. Therefore found your own alliance or join one in order to be prepared for the hard times. If think you are strong enough , you can of course try to get to the top alone.